Repurpose. Just Do It.


People repurpose for a myriad of reasons.  Environmental. Financial. Nostalgia. We agree with all of this but we also repurpose because we love unique modern design!  If our shop walls could talk, they’d tell you our customers daily say, “Now look what they come up with?!  Who would of thought of that?  We put that in our garbage pile last week.”  Ha!

I don’t actually recommend we all turn into horders because we ‘think’ one day we’ll use Aunt Kathy’s old beat up table.  But try to look at the table with a new perspective.  Is there a trendy color scheme that you could repaint the table?  Could you recover the entire top (local vintage yardsticks, barnboards, leftover wood flooring, vintage ceiling tin)?  Maybe take apart the entire table.  Use the top to paint a huge simple graphic or short text. Then cut up the base to make chunky unique candle sticks.

What will you repurpose next?  Or give us a challenge!  Tell us what you have and we’ll throw out some suggestions. Ready. Set. Go.



imageWe truly love one another and we’re also co-workers.  It’s rare to find, but when you do, you’ll hold onto it.  Our love is honest and outspoken and fun-filled!  Sure, we yell at each other, we get mouthy, we know each other’s faults, and we disagree on any number of things!  But at the end of the day, we have each other’s back.  Her success is my success.  Her failure is my loss.  Her pain I feel.

It’s been a little over a year since we opened the doors to The Shop.  In that year, our personal lives changed, some more dramatically than others (divorce, babies, moving).  We laughed and celebrated new lives!  But we also cried over heartache.  The key pronoun here was ‘we’.  Because that’s what the shop sisters do.image