{{Fall Home Decor Sign Tutorial}}

Fall is my love language.  Fall is my favorite season to date because of what I do for a living.  I love to decorate for Fall.  The smells, driving the countryside looking for cat tails in the ditches, buying mums by the truckloads for my amazing customers, scavenging pumpkin patches in efforts to find the roundest one… I do enjoy taking an evening off to go jump in the combine with the hubby at least once during harvest.

My favorite thing to create for my customers in Autumn are fall signs with silly, quirky sayings. Any word that pops in my head that reminds me of Fall I stencil on a ratty, worn piece of wood and call it home decor!

Supplies needed:

Sponge dabber, stencil letters (i used 3” and 6” letters for this sign), piece of wood, stain, paint.


  1.  Pick out the letters in the stencils that you will need.  Measure it out and make sure it will all fit on the piece of wood you have chosen.
  2. Dip your sponge in the paint and dab on the wood with the stencil in place.  Continue until your “saying” is done.


3. Let dry.


4. Rub one layer of stain over the top and VIOLA!


You can find this sign for sale at The Shop Kalona, 424 B Avenue, Kalona, IA right now for just $25! (posted 8/27/15)  Hurry, it won’t last long and I rarely ever make 2 of the same sign 😉



New Life to Old Dressers

Posted by: Kay

I came across these beautiful old dressers (thanks to my friend Kailee), and I knew I wanted to add new life to them. I love old furniture. Old furniture is usually made of sturdy material and the price is usually right. I of course hate the old wood tones, so, a paint job is just what the doctor ordered. I decided on a crystal knobs for them. and, a sweet ocean blue for one and the trending color of coral for the other. I filled holed, sanded, painted, and changed knobs. And these out dated dressers were given new life.