Weekend Retreat

Mornin’, Emma here.

I am a new woman! After this past weekend with my 3 Queen Bees’, I am now dreaming bigger than I ever have before, confident in my future, and forever stronger in my FAITH.

A weekend getaway to the Quad Cities took place.  A 4:00 mass at the Cathedral on Saturday followed by a quick pit stop at Genesis to let Kate pop in to visit her 97 year-old Grandpa.  We were challenged to find dinner in the East Village.  11th Street Precinct did not let us down & we even managed to walk out of there having eaten a 4-course meal 😉  We ended the night at The Isle where Kay came away $85 richer at the Blackjack table!

Sunday was the icing on the cake.  Brunch the Hotel Blackhawk… speechless by their class.  Everything from the chandeliers in the hallway, to the jazz band in the lobby, followed by a scrumptious brunch!

Last but not least we walked next door to the American Vintage Market.  Great inspiration and conversation took place! Talking to some very prominent pickers forever changed me.

3 Things I Walked Away With From The Weekend

1- Be a face of God.  My three colleagues are definitely faces of God.  I will admit I am the weakest in my faith out of us, but not for long!  Father had a great sermon Saturday .  Love your neighbors as yourselves, my friends.  To be a face of God is being a face of love.  

2- Surround yourself with positive people.  Be with the kind of people that you want to be and you want your children to be.  Do they make you laugh?  Motivate you? Influence you to be a better person?  They are out there.  In the last year I have been blessed with some of the GREATEST friendships.  I didn’t even know these kind of people existed!!  Let alone pick me to share some of life’s greatest moments with.  I am blessed! I cannot speak enough volumes about these friendships.

3- DREAM BIG!  There is no dream too big and nothing YOU cannot do.  Find the motivation within yourself and wake up everyday with a positive attitude.  Hard work and dedication WILL pay off.  I am in the midst of all of this.  I cannot wait to reflect back on my life in my later years and see all I have accomplished.

Stressed? Cannot seem to catch a break? Home with little ones? I challenge YOU to a weekend getaway with your girlfriends! It is so healthy for the mind and soul.  It was our first, but it won’t be our last! Next get together:: Holiday Party 2014.

-Emma, Stew’s Owner




Kay, Emma, Kate & Karen in front. Photo from our friends & family open house in July.

It’s about time we started sharing our ideas and stories with you all!  We have plenty.  No shortage of creative decor examples, embarrassing auction blunders, or store mishaps around here!

Some of our blog posts will feature DIY ideas with the latest and greatest trends.  We’re often asked in the store, “Who builds your furniture?” or “Who does your painting?” or “Who does your sewing?”  Umm, we do.  We do it all!  And we’re more than willing to share our tips and tricks with you.

Some of our blog posts will tell you our stories.  Ever wonder how FOUR independent and creative women run a business together?  Ha!  We too have our ups and downs, inside jokes, and personal stories that will simply entertain you.  Want to hear more of the background of how we got to know one another? Like how Karen wasn’t fond of Kate initially because of our auction history together?  Or how Kay and Karen went to 15 shows together in one season while Kay was third trimester preggers? And Emma’s story alone needs to be shared.  She’s our youngest but what she has accomplished and how she’s done it is amazing.

Grab a tea and come along on our journey.  We think you’ll enjoy the behind-the-scenes of The Shop!

-Karen, Kay, Emma, & Kate